Chatham County Logo

Name (email)PhoneTitleDepartmentDivision
Animal Shelter Main Number (919) 542-7203 HealthAnimal Services
Main Number 919- 542-8230 Permits & Inspections Building Inspections
Main Number (919) 542-8202 Cooperative ExtensionCooperative Extension Service
Sadie McLaurin (919) 542-4512 Council on AgingPlanning
Eastern Senior Center (Pittsboro) Main Number (919) 542-4512 Council on AgingPlanning
Main Number (919) 542-8274 Economic Development CorporationAdministration
Main Number Emegency Operations Center (919) 542-2911 Emergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Fax Number Emergency Operations Center (919) 542-2498 Emergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Environmental Health Main Number (919) 542-8208 HealthEnvironmental Health
Main Number (919) 542-8210 FinanceFinance
Jackie Williams (919) 542-5786 Fleet Maintenance - Public Works Fleet Maintenance
Goldston Public Library - Main Number (919) 898-4522 Public LibraryGoldston Public Library
Illegal Dumping Hotline (919) 545-7873 Environmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Water Treatment Plant Main Number (919) 303-0055 Water/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Chatham Community Library - Pittsboro Fax Number (919) 545-8080 Public LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Planning Dept. Main Number (919) 542-8204 Planning Planning
Renita *Foxx (919) 642-1213 Chatham 360 First OffendersCourt Related Programs
Chatham Community Library - Pittsboro Main Number (919) 545-8084 Public LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
(919) 542-8220 HealthAdministration
Preventive Care-Pittsboro Fax Number (919) 542-2473 HealthPreventive Health Care
Water/Utilities Office Main Number (919) 542-8270 Water/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Parks & Recreation Office Main Number (919) 545-8555 Parks and RecreationParks & Recreation
Parks & Recreation Office Fax Number (919) 542-0987 Parks and RecreationParks & Recreation
Register of Deeds Main Number (919) 542-8235 Register of DeedsRegister of Deeds
Siler City Clinic Main Number (919) 742-5641 HealthClinical and Community Health Services
Social Services Main Phone Number (919) 542-2759 Social ServicesSocial Services
Soil & Water Conservation Office Main Number (919) 542-8240 Soil and Water ConservationSoil & Water
Soil and Water Conservation Fax Number (919) 542-8267 Soil and Water ConservationSoil & Water
Tax Collections Main Number (919) 542-8260  Tax OfficeTax Collections
Tax Listing Main Number (919) 542-8250 Tax OfficeTax Listing
Tax Mapping/GIS Fax Number (919) 542-2963 Tax OfficeTax Mapping/GIS
CVB Office Main Number (919) 542-8296 Pittsboro-Siler City CVBPittsboro-Siler City Convention & Visitors Bureau
Neha *Shah (919) 542-8296 Pittsboro-Siler City CVBDirector, Pittsboro-Siler City Convention & Visitors Bureau
Main Office Phone Number (919) 542-5516 Environmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Wren Library - Siler City Main Number (919) 742-2016 Public LibraryWren Public Library
Wren Library - Siler City Fax Number (919) 742-5546 Public LibraryWren Public Library
(919) 545-8336 HealthEnvironmental Health
Main Office Fax Number (919) 542-0058 Environmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Planning Dept. Fax Number (919) 542-2698 Planning Planning
Main Number (919) 545-8500 Board of ElectionsN/A
Western Senior Center (Siler City) Main Number (919) 742-3975 Council on AgingPlanning
Water Maintenance Shop Main Number (919) 542-7340 Water/Utilities - Public WorksWater Maintenance
After-Hours Contact Emergency Number (919) 548-3006 Water/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Phone Hotline Weather Hotline (919) 545-8345 Parks and RecreationParks and Recreation
Child & Adult Protective Services HOTLINE (919) 642-6988 Social ServicesFamily Services
Chatham Community Library Children's Desk (919) 545-8085 Public LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Chatham Community Library Reference Desk (919) 545-8086 Public LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
(919) 542-8200 County Manager's Office 
Madeline Mason   Board of ElectionsElections
Michele Kisthardt 919-542-8277 Economic Development Corporation 
  Board of Elections 
Ken McDaniel (919) 545-8114 Patrol CaptainSheriff's OfficePatrol
Denise Estridge (919) 545-8315Accounting Specialist IIHealthAdministration
Cheryl Garrett (919) 542-8225Accounting Tech IIHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Kim Garrett 919-545-8572Accounting Tech IISocial ServicesAdministration
Katie Davis 919-545-8313Accounting TechnicianFinanceFinance
Michelle D'Antonoli 919-545-8325Accounting TechnicianFinanceFinance
Cacie Langley (919) 545-8480Accounts Payable TechnicianFinanceAccounting
Denise Suits (919) 545-8163Admin Support IIEmergency ManagementAdministrative Support, Road Names
Jennie *Kristiansen (919) 642-6976Admin- Department DirectorSocial ServicesAdministration
Wendy Paschal (919) 545-8530Administrarive SupportPublic Works AdministrationPublic Works
Brenda Talton (919) 545-8303Administrative AssistantCooperative ExtensionAdministrative Support
Jill Oldham (919) 742-5641, Ext. 8249Administrative AssistantHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Rebecca Squires 919-545-8348Administrative AssistantPermits & Inspections Administration
Sara Pack 919-545-8144Administrative LietutenantSheriff's OfficeAdministration
Ashley Moore 919-545-8120Administrative Specialist Sheriff's OfficeAdministrative Support
Beverly McLean Goldston 919-545-8121Administrative SpecialistSheriff's OfficeAdministrative Support
Sarah Allen 919-545-8158Administrative SpecialistSheriff's OfficeAdministrative Support
Stephanie Campbell (919) 545-8122Administrative Specialist Sheriff's OfficeAdministrative Support
Jacqueline Williams (919) 542-8254Administrative Specialist IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Melissa Whittemore 919-545-8135Administrative SupervisorSheriff's OfficeAdministrative Support
Misty Roy 919-542-8270Administrative Support SpecialistWater/Utilities - Public WorksAdministration
Thea Palmer 919-642-1205Administrative Support SpecialistChatham 360 First OffendersAdministration
Denise Gaines (919) 545-7871Administrative Support Specialist IEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Kelsey Hoglund 919-545-8551Administrative Support Specialist IParks and RecreationAdministration
Paula Phillips 919-542-8276Administrative Support Specialist IIPlanning Administration
Emily Tellman 919-542-8200Administrative Support Specialist/Deputy ClerkCounty Manager's OfficeAdministration
Kimberly Bayles 919-642-6984Adult Medicaid SA/FNS CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Carmen Fields (919) 642-6929Adult Medicaid SA/FNS CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Beverly Walden 919-642-6924Adult Medicaid/SASocial ServicesEconomic Services
Ora Welch 919-642-6902Adult Medicaid/SA/FNS CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Tonia Crocker (919) 642-6922Adult Medicaid/Special Assistance SupervisorSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Natalie Powers 919-642-6925Adult Mediciad/SA/FNS CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Debbie Roos (919) 542-8244AgentCooperative ExtensionAlternative/Organic Agriculture, Commercial Produce, Local Farmer's Markets, Beekeeping, Forestry
Phyllis Smith (919) 542-8247AgentCooperative ExtensionNutrition & Food, Health & Wellness, Financial Management, Family Development
Charlotte Glen (919) 542-8243AgentCooperative ExtensionCommercial & Home Horticulture, Wildlife, Pesticide Coordinator & Aquatic Weeds
Antonio Quintero 919-542-7203Animal Control Officer IIHealthAnimal Services
Carl Iceman 919-542-7203Animal Control Officer IIHealthAnimal Services
Jody Owens 919-548-1097Animal Control Officer IIHealthAnimal Services
Alan Canady 919-542-7203Animal Service Manager HealthAnimal Services
Thomas Rouse 919-542-7203Animal Services OfficerHealthAnimal Services
Ginny Jenrette (919) 542-7203Animal Shelter AttendantHealthAnimal Services
Dan Campeau (919) 542-8242Area Specialized AgentCooperative ExtensionArea Specialized Poultry
Marti Day (919) 542-8248Area Specialized AgentCooperative ExtensionArea Dairy
Amy Poe 919-545-8405Assessing Support SpecialistTax OfficeAdministration
Kimberly Roper (919) 542-8251Assessing TechnicianTax OfficeTax Listing
Peppi Eliason (919) 545-8350AssistantRegister of DeedsRegister of Deeds
Angela McMahon (919) 545-8371Assistant Register of DeedsRegister of Deeds
Veta Brown (919) 542-8235AssistantRegister of DeedsRegister of Deeds
Lisa Hunter (919) 542-8349AssistantRegister of DeedsRegister of Deeds
Dan LaMontagne 919-545-8531Assistant County ManagerCounty Manager's OfficeAdministration
Steve Simos (919) 545-8500Assistant DirectorBoard of ElectionsElections
Kathy Scott (919) 545-8312Assistant Finance OfficerFinanceAccounting
Shelly Shaw (919) 542-8216Assistant IRegister of DeedsRegister of Deeds
Karen Jones (919) 545-8476Assistant Tax AdministratorTax OfficeTax Appraisal
Vicky Guetgemann (919) 545-8391Assistant to the DirectorHealthAdministration
Andrew Harrison (919) 545-8552Athletic SupervisorParks and RecreationParks & Recreation
Byron Stevens 919-548-6498AV Support TechnicianMISManagement Information Systems
Andrea Brady 919-542-8289Benefits ManagerCounty Manager's OfficeHuman Resources
Gary Thomas (919) 545-8326Billing ManagerHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Sara Wilkins 919-542-8239Billing SupervisorWater/Utilities - Public WorksUtilties/Water
Rita Van Duinen 919-545-8083Branch ManagerPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Sharon Brewer (919) 898-4522Branch ManagerPublic LibraryGoldston Public Library
Mike Cowell (919) 742-2016Branch ManagerPublic LibraryWren Public Library
Darrell Butts 919-545-8333Budget AnalystCounty Manager's OfficeAdministration
Lisa West (919) 545-8483Budget DirectorCounty Manager's OfficeAdministration
Brandon Beck 919-542-8269Building InspectorPermits & Inspections Building Inspections
Al Davis 919-545-8330Building InspectorPermits & Inspections Building Inspections
Joshua Mabry 919-545-8351Building InspectorPermits & Inspections Building Inspections
Eric Smith 919-545-8339Building InspectorPermits & Inspections Building Inspections
Terrie Whitt 919-542-8255Building Inspector IPermits & Inspections Building Inspections
Daniel Gunter 919-545-8330Building Inspector IPermits & Inspections Building Inspections
Brandon Ancona 919-545-8346Building Inspector IIPermits & Inspections Building Inspections
Pamela King (919) 545-8475Business personal Property AppraiserTax OfficeTax Listing
Ben Townsend (919) 542-8274Business Services ManagerEconomic Development CorporationAdministration
Jana Wiley (919) 742-5641 ext 8268CAP Social WorkerHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Shvaughn Ross (919)-542-8265CAP Social WorkerHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Heidi Gonzalez 919-642-3026CaseworkerSocial ServicesAdministration
Sarah Barefoot 919-642-6925Caseworker IISocial ServicesEconomic Services
Rebecca McIver 919- 545-8474Central Permitting CoordinatorPermits & Inspections Administration
Kacey Hargrove 919-542-8293Central Permitting TechnicianPermits & Inspections Administration
Jenny McCarthy (919) 545-8332Child Service CoordinatorHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Elizabeth Marshall 919-642-6906Child Support AgentSocial ServicesChild Support
Kelley Moody (919) 642-6962Child Support AgentSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Joseph Bates 919-642-6966Child Support Agent IISocial ServicesChild Support
Beth Mashburn 919-642-6967Child Support Agent IISocial ServicesChild Support
Beth Mashburn 919-642-6967Child Support Agent IISocial ServicesChild Support
Jody Kotoris (919) 642-6961Child Support SupervisorSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Dorothy Rawleigh 919-545-8322Childcare Health ConsultantHealthCommunity & Family Health Connections
John Stauffer (919) 642-1214Civil SupervisorSheriff's OfficeCourt/Civil
Brandon Jones (919) 642-1222Civil/Court LieutenantSheriff's OfficeCourt/Civil
Lindsay Ray (919) 545-8302Clerk to the BoardCounty Manager's OfficeGoverning Board
Zach Deaton (919) 742-5641 ext 8230Clinical Services ManagerHealthClinical and Community Health Services
David Brooks 919-542-8231Code Enforcement DirectorPermits & Inspections Building Inspections
Larry Meadows 919-545-8347Code Enforcement OfficerPermits & Inspections Building Inspections
Beverly Allen (919) 742-5641, ext 8267Communicable Disease NurseHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Betty Beavers (919) 742-5641, ext 8270Communicable Disease NurseHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Mike *Reitz 919-545-8160Communications DirectorEmergency ManagementEmergency Operations & E911 Addresses
Jennifer Yancey 919-642-6972Community Employment Case ManagerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Phillip Richard (919)-642-1220Community Service LieutenantSheriff's OfficeCommunity Service
Jonathan Thomas  Community Service OfficerSheriff's OfficeCommunity Service
Robert Smith  Community Service OfficerSheriff's OfficeCommunity Service
Breanne Bowers 919-642-6978Community Social Services AssistantSocial ServicesFamily Services
Ginger Cunningham 919-542-8249County AgentCooperative Extension4-H Youth Development
Renee *Paschal (919) 545-8300County ManagerCounty Manager's OfficeAdministration
Colby Williams 919-642-1224Court SupervisorSheriff's OfficeCourt/Civil
Matthew Meyer (919)-545-8125Criminal InvestigatiorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Andrew Coore  Criminal InvestigatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Alyson Gardner (919) 545-8197Criminal InvestigatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Jonathan Miller (919) 545-8118Criminal InvestigatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
William Summers (919) 545-8150Criminal InvestigatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Jennifer Ratchford 919-545-8360Delinquent Tax CollectorTax OfficeTax Collections
Henry *Outz (919) 545-8353Dept Head/ Environmental SpecialistSoil and Water ConservationSoil & Water
Vicki *McConnell (919) 542-8213Deputy County Manager & Finance DirectorFinanceFinance
William Judson 919-545-8342Deputy Fire MarshallPermits & Inspections Fire Marshal's Office
Brad Johnson  Desk DeputySheriff's OfficeAdministration
Tammy Kirkman (919)-545-7808Detention CaptainSheriff's OfficeAdministration
Erik Lindley (919) 545-7804Detention LieutenantSheriff's OfficeDetention
Jessica Norton 919-545-7806Detention LieutenantSheriff's OfficeDetention
Kevin Campbell 919-545-7846Detention LieutenantSheriff's OfficeDetention
Tracy *Burnett (919) 545-8550DirectorParks and RecreationDepartment Director
Kit Stanley (919) 542-5281DirectorFamily Visitation ServicesAdministration
Dennis *Streets (919) 542-4512DirectorCouncil on AgingExecutive Director
Larry *Bridges (919) 542-8238DirectorWater/Utilities - Public WorksUtilties/Water
Pandora *Paschal (919) 545-8509Director of Board of ElectionsBoard of ElectionsN/A
Michael Zelek 919-545-8466Director of Community & Family Health Connections HealthCommunity & Family Health Connections
Debra Henzey (919) 542-8258Director of Community RelationsCounty Manager's OfficeAdministration
Carolyn Miller (919) 545-8301Director of Human ResourcesCounty Manager's OfficeHuman Resources
Debbie Garrett 919-545-8441 or 919-742-5641 ext 8250Director of NursingHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Jenny *Williams 919- 542-8226Director, Central PermittingPermits & Inspections Central Permitting & Inspections - Director
Chris McDuffee 919-545-8122Domestic Violence InvestigatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Ricky Culberson (919)-323-5497Domestic Violence InvestigatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Kimberly Hughes (919)-545-8149Domestic Violence SupervisorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Cecilia Barber 919-542-1792Domestic Violence Victim AdvocateFamily Visitation ServicesFamily Violence Prevention Services
Edna Villasenor 919-542-1792Domestic Violence Victim AdvocateFamily Visitation ServicesFamily Violence Prevention Services
Lesa Chavis (919) 545-8161E-911 SpecialistEmergency ManagementEmergency Operations & E911 Addresses
Sara Welch (919) 642-6926Economic Services Program AdministratorSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Brenda Williams (919) 545-8440Education Coordinator/Administrative AssistantSoil and Water ConservationSoil & Water
*Lunday *Riggsbee (919) 542-8236Elected DirectorRegister of DeedsRegister of Deeds
Alan Byrd 919-545-8191Emergency Management CoordinatorEmergency ManagementEmergency Management
Steve *Newton (919) 545-8162Emergency Operations DirectorEmergency ManagementDepartment Director
Larry Harris 919-545-8452Emergency Services SpecialistMISManagement Information Systems
Don Smith (919) 545-8451Emergency Systems SpecialistMISManagement Information Systems
Val Chadwick (919) 545-7873Environmental Enforcement OfficerEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Anne Lowry (919) 545-8310Environmental Health DirectorHealthEnvironmental Health
Carl Kivett (919) 542-8229Environmental Health Program Specialist HealthEnvironmental Health
Brad Jones (919) 545-8375Environmental Health Program SpecialistHealthEnvironmental Health
Barry Oldham (919) 545-8479Environmental Health SpecialistHealthEnvironmental Health
Kristin Allen (919)-545-8377Environmental Health SpecialistHealthEnvironmental Health
Angela Hughes (919) 545-8336Environmental Health Specialist HealthEnvironmental Health
James Tiger 919-545-8316Environmental Health Specialist HealthEnvironmental Health
Kim Warren (919) 545-8319Environmental Health Supervisor II HealthEnvironmental Health
Beverly Kay (919) 542-8217Environmental Health TechnicianHealthEnvironmental Health
Drew Blake 919-545-8394Environmental OfficerEnvironmental QualityLand & Water Resources
Brian *Burkhart 919-542-5516Environmental Quality DirectorEnvironmental QualityLand & Water Resources
Marshall Allen 919-542-8201Event Services LeaderFacilities & ConstructionAgriculture Conference Center
Chris Perry (919) 545-8151Evidence CustodianSheriff's OfficeAdministrative Support
Nancy Burgess (919) 642-6905Executive Assistant & Personnel OfficerSocial ServicesAdministration
(919) 542-8203Extension Director AdministrationCooperative ExtensionLivestock and Forages, Field Crops, Pesticide Education and Aquatic Weeds
Brian *Stevens (919) 545-8535 Facilities DirectorFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Kevin Keas 919-548-4364Facility SupervisorFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Christine Beal (919) 642-6925 FAdult Medicaid SA/FNS CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Leslie Hayes (919) 642-6943Family Medicaid CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Ashley Collins 919-642-6916Family Medicaid CaseworkerSocial ServicesFamily & Children’s Medicaid
Brittany Childress (919) 642-6977Family Medicaid CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Joanna Childers 919-642-6938Family Medicaid CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Morgan Bare 919-642-8573Family Medicaid/FNS CaseworkerSocial ServicesFamily & Children Medicaid
Karen Voncannon (919) 642-6927Family Medicaid/FNS CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Lauren Brewer (919) 642-6914Family Medicaid/Food Assistance CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Beth Hamm (919) 642-6950Family Medicaid/Food Assistance CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Amy Pilkington (919) 642-6903Family Medicaid/Food Assistance CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Erin Fonville 919-642-6923Family Medicaid/Food Assistance CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Wendy Lemons (919) 642-6969Family Medicaid/Food Assistance CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Amy Hall 919-642-6916Family Medicaid/Food Assistance CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Tasha Beal (919)642-6915Family Medicaid/Food Assistance CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Nikia Bland (919) 642-6908Family Medicaid/Food Assistance SupervisorSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Carrie Pritchard (919) 642-6913Family Medicaid/Food Assistant SupervisorSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Fax Number Siler City Clinic Fax Number (919) 742-7496Fax NumberHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Hope Tally (919) 545-8471Financial Operations ManagerFinanceAccounting
April Derrah 919-545-8314Financial Systems AdministratorFinanceFinance
Mistie Phillips (919) 542-8295Financial Systems SpecialistFinanceAccounting
Artie Barber 919- 545-8467Fire InspectorPermits & Inspections Fire Marshal's Office
Kennedy Strowd 919-542-8263Fire InspectorPermits & Inspections Fire Marshal's Office
Thomas Bender 919- 542-8259Fire MarshalPermits & Inspections Fire Marshal's Office - Fire Marshal
Ben Townsend (919) 642-6904Fiscal OfficerSocial ServicesAdministration
Tim White (919) 545-8126Fleet ManagerSheriff's OfficeAdministrative Support
Anthony Izzard 919-545-8382Focus on Fathers Program CoordinatorHealthCommunity & Family Health Connections
Robin Askins (919) 642-6930Food & Energy Assistance CaseworkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Lisa Morgan (919) 545-8309Food & Lodging Program CoordinatorHealthEnvironmental Health
Claudia Cables 919-742-5641 ext 8251Foreign Language InterpreterHealthCommunity & Family Health Connections
Ronnie Brooks (919) 542-7340ForemanWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Laura Benitez 919-545-8581Foster Care Case Management Social WorkerSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Mike Copeland (919) 545-8155Fraud InvestigatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Cimberly Brailer 919-642-6917FS Program Administrator/Deputy DirectorSocial ServicesFamily Services
Nick Haffele 919-545-8469GIA ManagerGISManagement Information Systems
Amy Moore 919-545-8358GIS TechnicianGISGIS & Management Information Systems
Layton *Long (919) 545-8391Health DirectorHealthAdministration
Michelle Wright 919-542-8220Health Promotion CoordinatorHealthCommunity & Family Health Connections
Steven Mitchell 919-542-5516Heavy Equipment OperatorEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Abraham Bonilla (919) 542-5516Heavy Equipment OperatorEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Keith Moore (919) 542-5516Heavy Equipment OperatorEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Ricky Gaines (919) 542-5516Heavy Equipment OperatorEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Walter Farrar (919) 542-5516Heavy Equipment OperatorEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Courtney Goldston 919-545-8370Human Resources AnalystCounty Manager's OfficeHuman Resources
Diana Sanchez  IMC ISocial ServicesEconomic Services
Kelly Green  IMC IISocial ServicesEconomic Services
Jennyfer Castaneda 919-642-3027IMC-1'sSocial ServicesAdministration
Cindy Ellington (919) 542-2759IMCW IISocial ServicesEconomic Services
Marsha Andrews (919) 742-5641, Ext. 8235Immunization Tracking CoordinatorHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Lisa Jordan (919) 642-6974In-Home AideSocial ServicesAdult Services
Tina Shafer 919-642-6919Income Maintenance Caseworker IISocial ServicesEconomic Services
Verenice Soto 919-642-6965Income Management Investigator IISocial ServicesEconomic Services
Wayme Marsh (919) 542-8270Inspections/Cross ORCWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
LaQuisha McCaffity 919-542-2759Intake WorkerSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Teresa Bautista 919-642-6970InterpreterSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Monica Goodwin (919) 642-6995InterpreterSocial ServicesAdministration
Chris Cooper (919) 545-8189Investigations CaptainSheriff's OfficeAdministration
Andre Gipson (919) 545-8153Investigations LieutenantSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Rodney West (919)-545-8195Investigations LieutenantSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Paul Carroll 919-548-8694Investigations SupervisorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Aron Mcllvain (919) 545-8133Investigations Supervisor Sheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Jonathan Hensley (919) 545-8117InvestigatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Jeremy Timmons 919-542-2303InvestigatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Carla Daniel (919) 545-8457IT CoordinatorMISManagement Information Systems
Elizabeth Plata (919) 545-8454IT Support TechMISManagement Information Systems
Veronica Henry 919-545-7842Kitchen SupervisorSheriff's OfficeDetention
Cynthia Lambert (919) 742-5641, ext. 8245Laboratory ManagerHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Melinda York (919) 742-5641, ext. 8238Laboratory TechnicianHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Rachael Thorn (919) 545-8343Land & Water Resources SupervisorEnvironmental QualityLand & Water Resources
Amy Gilbert (919) 545-8307Land Records SpecialistTax OfficeTax Mapping/GIS
Kimberly Tyson (919) 542-8283Land Use Administraror IPlanning Planning
Michael Yarborough (919) 542-7203Lead Animal Services OfficerHealthAnimal Services
Joey Mills (919) 542-5516Lead Heavy Equipment OperatorEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Rodney Wiley (919) 545-8468Lead Property AppraiserTax OfficeTax Appraisal
Amy Clement (919) 545-8084Library AssistantPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Evette Evans (919) 545-8084Library AssistantPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Susan Brinkley-Clayton (919) 545-8084Library Assistant Public LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Wesley Collins, Jr. 919-545-8084Library AssistantPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Sharen Faye 919-545-8084Library AssistantPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Luis Melodelgado 919-545-8084Library AssistantPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Mary Earle 919-545-8084Library AssistantPublic LibraryWren Public Library
Melissa Stinnett 919-742-2016Library Assistant IPublic LibraryWren Public Library
Linda *Clarke (919) 545-8081Library DirectorPublic LibraryDirector, Public Library
LeAnn McKoy 919-642-6909Links CoordinatorSocial ServicesFamily Services
Teresa Clark (919) 542-8211Main NumberTax OfficeTax Appraisal
Donna Holland (919) 542-8291Maintenance SupervisorFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Edward Gallant (919) 542-8256Maintenance TechFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Steve Bayles (919) 542-8256Maintenance TechFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Linda Williams (919) 542-8256Maintenance TechFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Russell Palmer (919) 542-8256Maintenance Tech IIFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Marvin Dowdy (919) 542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Roy Robinson (919) 542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Melinda Glover (919) 542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Sandra Cook (919) 542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Annette Reaves (919) 542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Marvin Campbell (919) 542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Paula Wiley (919)-542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
James Rogers (919) 542-8256Maintenance Worker I Facilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Robert Goldston 919-542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Judy Headen 919-542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Robert Goldston 919-542-8256Maintenance Worker IFacilities & ConstructionFacilities Management
Willie Womble (919) 542-5516Maintenance Worker IIIEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Charles Gardner (919) 545-8129MajorSheriff's OfficeAdministration
Tracy Kelly (919) 545-8130MajorSheriff's OfficeAdministration
Larilee Isley 919-545-8393Meeting CoordinatorFacilities & ConstructionAgriculture Conference Center
Darlene *Yudell 919-545-8464MIS DirectorMISManagement Information Systems
Shannon VonCannon (919) 5458386MIS Support TechnicianMISManagement Information Systems
Justin Byrd (919) 542-8280MIS Support TechnicianMISManagement Information Systems
Thomas Stanifer 919-545-8453MIS Support TechnicianMISManagement Information Systems
Child Support Admin Support Fax Number (919) 542-6494N/ASocial ServicesChild Support
Administration Fax Number (919) 542-2362N/ASocial ServicesAdministration
Children's Services Fax Number (919) 542-0679 or 542-2032N/ASocial ServicesChildren's Services
Social Services Fax Main Fax Number (919) 542-6355N/ASocial ServicesSocial Services
Chris Johnson (919) 545-8383Network Engineer MISManagement Information Systems
Tara Gregory 919-742-5641 ext 8266Nutritionist IIIHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Roxana Sandria (919) 545-8390Office Assistant IVHealthEnvironmental Health
Sonya Gilliland (919) 545-7872Operations ManagerEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Angela Brady 919-742-2016Outreach CoordinatorPublic LibraryWren Public Library
Lisa Gentri (919) 545-8308Paralegal/Deputy Clerk To The BoardCounty Manager's OfficeAdministration
Eric Wardlaw  Park AttendantParks and RecreationParks & Recreation
Bill Bussey 919-545-4428Park TechnicianParks and RecreationParks & Recreation
Michael Cox  Patrol Assistant SupervisorSheriff's OfficePatrol
Joe Birchett (919) 545-8152Patrol LieutenantSheriff's OfficePatrol
Bryan Phillips  Patrol LieutenantSheriff's OfficePatrol
Bruce Coble (919) 542-2911 Patrol Supervisor Sheriff's OfficePatrol
Kevin Carey (919) 542-2911Patrol Supervisor Sheriff's OfficePatrol
Scott Meulendyke 919-542-2911Patrol SupervisorSheriff's OfficePatrol
Stephen Renn 919-545-2911 Patrol SupervisorSheriff's OfficePatrol
Daniel Tilley (919) 545-8142Patrol Support SpecialistSheriff's OfficePatrol
Kami Long 919-545-8403Permitting TechicianPermits & Inspections Administration
Bonnie Dukeman (919) 742-5641, Ext 8276PHN II SupervisorHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Daniel Clevenger (919) 303-0055Physical Plant SpecialistWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Rachel McInerney 919-742-5641 ext 8260Physician Extender IIHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Cara Coppola 919-545-8365Planner IIPlanning Planning
Dylan Paul 919-542-8284Planner IIPlanning Planning
Angela Birchett (919) 542-8285Planner IIPlanning Planning
Lynn Richardson (919) 542-8207Planner IIPlanning Planning
Jason *Sullivan (919) 542-8233Planning DirectorPlanning Planning
Tansy Long 919-545-8398Policy AnalystCounty Manager's OfficeAdministration
Cynthia Campbell 919-545-8327Presentuse Valuation SpecialistTax OfficeTax Appraisal
Kyle *Touchstone (919) 542-8275PresidentEconomic Development CorporationAdministration
Doreta (Reta) White (919) 742-5641, Ext. 8225Processing AssistantHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Kathy Scarborough (919) 642-6944Processing AssistantSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Nicky Reyes (919) 742-5641, ext 8223Processing AssistantHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Jan Poe (919) 642-6968Processing AssistantSocial ServicesAdministration
Cristal Jimenez 919- 742-5641 ext 8221Processing Assistant HealthClinical and Community Health Services
Vanessa Wise 919-542-8201Processing AssistantFacilities & ConstructionAgriculture Conference Center
Mercedes Medel Gutierez 919-642-3039Processing AssistantSocial ServicesAdministration
Thelma Alexander (919) 545-8521Processing Assistant IVSocial ServicesAdministration
Gloria Lux 919-742-5641Processing Assistant IVHealthCommunity & Family Health Connections
Celia Brooks (919) 542-8294Processing Assistant IVHealthEnvironmental Health
Rena Perry (919) 542-8281Processing Assistant IVHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Danielle White (919) 542-8271Processing Assistant IVHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Shatease Bland (919) 542-8460Processing Assistant IVHealthEnvironmental Health
Nellie Benitez (919) 545-8340Program Assistant IVHealthEnvironmental Health
Anne Chapman (919) 542-1792Program DirectorChild Victim ServicesFamily Violence Unit
Rocco Richard (919) 545-8553Program SupervisorParks and RecreationParks & Recreation
Anna Stormzand 919-545-8445Public Health Educator IIHealthCommunity & Family Health Connections
Laura Parks 919-742-5641 ext 8244Public Health NurseHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Sam Honig 919-742-5641 ext 8252Public Health NurseHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Jessica Alvarado-Ramos 919742-5641Public Health Nurse IHealthPreventive Health Care
Rebecca Pugh 919-742-5641 ect 8255Public Health Nurse IIHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Evi Bonilla 919-742-5641 ext 8239Public Health Nurse IIHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Elizabeth Fridley (919) 545-8388Public Health Nurse IIHealthEnvironmental Health
Dan *LaMontagne (919) 545-8531Public Works Administration DirectorPublic Works AdministrationDirector, Public Works
Robin James (919) 545-8364Purchasing AgentFinancePurchasing
Beth Dickens (919) 545-8324QA/QI Compliance OfficerHealthAdministration
Susan Poe (919) 542-2911Quality Assurance TechnicianEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Adam Gaines 919-542-2911Quality Assurance TechnicianEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Jason Lundy 919-545-8355Real Property AppraiserTax OfficeTax Appraisal
Peter Stephan 919-545-8488Real Property AppraiserTax OfficeTax Appraisal
Jennifer Alston (919) 542-2759ReceptionistSocial ServicesAdministration
Dana Haven (919) 545-8088Reference LibrarianPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Erin Poe 919-545-8465Revenue TechnicianTax OfficeTax Administration
Sylvia White 919-545-8402Revenue TechnicianTax OfficeAdministration
Marilyn Grant (919) 545-8359Safety & Risk ManagerCounty Manager's OfficeSafety & Risk Management
Morgan DeWit 919-548-8368Senior Watershed SpecialistEnvironmental QualityLand & Water Resources
Krista Ritter (919) 542-7203Shelter ManagerHealthAnimal Services
Mike *Roberson (919) 545-8122SheriffSheriff's OfficeAdministration, Sheriff (Elected)
Shannon Godbout 919-545-8441Social Research AssociateHealthCommunity & Family Health Connections
Angela Stalker (919) 642-6940Social Work SupervisorSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Sharon Milam (919) 642-6949Social Work SupervisorSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Margaret Kirkman (919) 642-6958Social Work SupervisorSocial ServicesAdult Services
Patty Fox (919) 642-6934Social WorkerSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Sallie Wofford (919) 642-6986Social WorkerSocial ServicesSocial Worker for the Blind
Jennifer Thomas (919) 642-6982Social WorkerSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Alicia Doran (919) 742-5641, ext 8254Social WorkerHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Vickie Tyndall-Alston (919) 642-6933Social WorkerSocial ServicesAdult Services
Meagan Albert (919) 545-8583Social WorkerSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Shelia McNeill (919) 642-6910Social Worker Social ServicesChildren's Services
Suzy Gonzalez (919) 545-8580Social Worker Social ServicesChildren's Services
Monica Hadley 919-642-6942Social WorkerSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Stacie Dababnah 919-642-6997Social Worker Social ServicesChildren's Services
Katelyn Cannizzaro 919-642-6953Social Worker Social ServicesChildren's Services
Liz Anderson (919) 642-6952Social WorkerSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Jennifer Stehle (919) 642-6951Social WorkerSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Brittany Hughes 919-642-6975Social WorkerSocial ServicesAdult Services
Brittany Norman 919-642-6945Social WorkerSocial ServicesFamily Services
Elisabeth Kressmann-StPierre 919-642-6946Social Worker Social ServicesAdult Services
Karen Borja (919) 642-6980Social WorkerSocial ServicesChildren's Services
John Cradle 919-642-6946Social WorkerSocial ServicesAdult Services
Shevel Mavins 919-642-6920Social WorkerSocial ServicesAdult Services
Michelle Albaladejo 919-642-6932Social WorkerSocial ServicesFamily Services
Carol Watson 919-742-5641 etx 8268Social Worker IIHealthClinical and Community Health Services
Norma Hernandez 919-642-6948Social Worker IIISocial Services 
Jennifer Wessman 919-642-6947Social Worker III IA&TSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Megan Farr (919) 642-6955Social Worker Intake & EASocial ServicesChildren's Services
Christie Layden (919) 642-6911Social Worker Intake & EASocial ServicesFamily Services
Wilder Horner (919) 642-6973Social Worker SupervisorSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Shayna Williams (919) 642-6936Social Worker Supervisor Social ServicesFamily Services
Caitlin Clay 919-642-6991Social Worker SupervisorSocial ServicesChildren's Services
Jessica Hubbard 919-642-6937Social Worker- Children ServicesSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Susannah Goldston 919-542-8228Soil Conservation SpecialistSoil and Water ConservationSoil & Water
Thomas Boyce (919) 545-8378Soil ScientistHealthEnvironmental Health
Garland Tripp (919) 542-5516Solid Waste Transportation CoordinatorEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Steve Maynor (919) 642-1210Special Operations CaptainSheriff's OfficeCourt/Civil
Seth Garrepy 919-542-8245Sr. Network EngineerMISManagement Information Systems
Branden Havens  SROSheriff's OfficeSRO/Jordan Matthews High School
Robert Miller (919)-545-8541SRO SupervisorSheriff's OfficeSRO/Chatham Central High School
Sarah Weller Pegna 919-545-8443Strategy and Evaluation Coordinator HealthCommunity & Family Health Connections
Stacey Cook (919) 663-2414Student Resource OfficerSheriff's OfficeSRO/Chatham Middle School
Kyle Smith (919) 969-0070Student Resource OfficerSheriff's OfficeSRO/Pollard Middle School
Raymond Barrios (919) 742-2916Student Resource OfficerSheriff's OfficeSRO/Northwood High School
Yuridia Robles 919-500-0272Student Resource OfficerSheriff's OfficeSRO/Horton Middle School
Tiffany Hancock 919-545-8304Support SpecialistCooperative ExtensionAdministrative Support
Jodi Ernest 919-642-6985SW II, IA&TSocial ServicesChildren's Services
(919) 545-8404Tax AdministratorTax OfficeTax Administration
919-542-8261Tax Collection SupervisorTax OfficeTax Collections
Margaret Goldston (919) 542-8224Tax ParalegalTax OfficeTax Collections
Stephanie Raine (919) 545-8087Tech Services AssistantPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Vickie Currin (919) 545-8082Tech Services ManagerPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Ashley Ellis 919-542-2911TelecommunicatorEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Whitney Phillips 919-542-2911TelecommunicatorEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Richard Steed 919-542-2911TelecommunicatorEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Jonathan Johnson 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Michael Smith 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Lisa Braxton 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Barrett Pierce 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Tiffany Brady 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Jonathan Ellis 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Heather Boone 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IIEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Tia Rogers 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IIEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Justin Childress 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IIEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Kim Hanner 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IIIEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Lisa Scott 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IV SupervisorEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Deana Baxter 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IV SupervisorEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Geoffrey Smith 919-542-2911Telecommunicator IV SupervisorEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Tracy Rivera (919) 545-8193Telecommunicator VEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Charity McIlvain (919) 542-2911Telecommunicator V SupervisorEmergency ManagementCommunications (911)
Preston Clemons 919-545-7805Training OfficerSheriff's OfficeDetention
Anna Testerman 919-542-4972Transit Service DirectorChatham TransitTransit Services Director
Donna Zogopoulos (919) 545-7849Transportation SupervisorSheriff's OfficeDetention
Alex Mashburn (919) 642-6928Transportation/Special AssistanceSocial ServicesEconomic Services
(919) 303-0055Treatment Plant OperatorWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Dalton Estridge (919) 542-7340Utility Service TechnicianWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Raynard Thomas (919) 542-7340Utility Service TechnicianWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Roscoe Milton (919) 542-7340Utility Service WorkerWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Brookes Sawyer (919) 542-7340Utility Service WorkerWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Donna King (919) 542-7340Utility Service WorkerWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Shannon Pugh (919) 542-7340Utility Service WorkerWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Donnie Brafford (919) 542-7340Utility Service WorkerWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Curtis David 919-303-0055Utility Service WorkerWater/Utilities - Public WorksUtilties/Water
Shane Hutchinson 919-545-8334Veterans Services OfficerCounty Manager's OfficeVeterans Services
Jamie Vaughn 919-542-8277Vice PresidentEconomic Development CorporationAdministration
Lora Rinaldi 919-545-8116Victim Assistance CoordinatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Donna Griffith 919-545-8113Victim Assistance CoordinatorSheriff's OfficeInvestigations
Shannon Culpepper 919-545-7874Waste Reduction CoordinatorEnvironmental QualitySolid Waste & Recycling
Ronnie Autry  Water Plant OperatorWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Treatment Plant
Joseph Brady (919) 548-1119Water Quality TechnicianWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Department
Ronald Dowdy (919) 303-0055Water Treatment OperatorWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Treatment Plant
Walter Harrison 919-303-0055Water Treatment Plant OperatorWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Treatment Plant
Darryl Moody 919-303-0055Water Treatment Plant OperatorWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Treatment Plant
Christopher Taylor 919-303-0055Water Treatment Plant Operator IWater/Utilities - Public WorksWater Treatment Plant
Miranda Moore (919) 642-6918WorkFirst/Family Medicaid SupervisorSocial ServicesEconomic Services
Katy Henderson 919-545-8089Youth Services LibrarianPublic LibraryChatham Community Library - Pittsboro
Janie Phelps 919-542-8221Zoning OfficialPlanning Planning
* Denotes Dept. Head